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Vacuum interrupter for indoor circuit breaker TD43
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    Vacuum interrupter for indoor circuit breaker TD43

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    Category: VI for indoor circuit breakers
    Model: VITD24/630-25
Product details
Main Technical Parameter
Rated voltage24KV
Rated current630/1250A
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated short-time Power frequency withstand voltage65kV
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage125kV
Rated short-circuit breaking current25kA
Rated short-circuit making current(peak)63kA
Breaking operations of rated short circuit breaking current30 times
Rated breaking current of single capacitor bank630A
Rated short-time withstand current25kA
Rated peak withstand current63kA
Rated duration of short-circuit4 s
Mechanical endurance10000 times
Closing force due to bellow and atmosphere150±50N
Force required to hold contacts open at full storke190±60N
Circuit resistance at lowest rated contact force≤20μΩ
Storage life20 years
Contacts limit erosion3mm
Weight of movable parts≤1.5kg
Clearance between open contacts13±1 mm
Contact connection stroke3.5±0.5mm
Average opening speed(average of 75% contact gap)1.5±0.25m/s
Average closing speed(average of last 30% contact gap)0.8±0.15m/s
Rated added extemal contact final force3150±200N
Contact bouncing duration at closing operation≤2 ms
Closing and opening non-simultaneity of three-phase contacts≤1 ms

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