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Dayu Hanguang annual meeting "Creating future with synergetic work" succeeded held

Time: 2019-03-05

On 29th,Jan.2019,Dayu Hanguang annual meeting topic" Creating future with synergetic work" succeeded held in Xiaogan Yuji Hotel, the invited distinguished guests and employees merrily gathered to celebrate the feast.

2018 already passed, we are happy to get the harvest and honor.2019 is coming, we are filled with fighting will and hope, to create a better future.


Firstly,our Chairman Mr. Zhang Guoxiang gave the speech of new year greetings! Looking back to the experience of 2018,praised the harvest.Dayu Hanguang's development can't leave the effort and sweat of all the emploees, and help of all the partners, we are working on our back facing the difficulty, make the target clearly, insist on the development strategic, build the company management mechanism,create the culture and team to work against the chance and challenge of the new year.


Coming into sector of awarding, in 2018,there are many excellent employees and teams, they contribute much to the company.





Show time!The employees and their family prepared wonderful programs:passionate dance, impassioned singing,which got much applause from the audiences,and brought a burst of pleasure to the annual meeting.

The opening dance "Blue and white porcelain" brought us into the artistic conception of the water town south of the Yangtze river.


There are a group of women,they work hard,they simple and generous in the life,sunny self-confidence,full of passion,they bloom like a flower,they are our workshop ladies,they gave us the dance" Thrive flowers"。


The song "The world in the heavens" is good;"The most beautiful expectation" incorporates a vision of a new life.



The programs performed by children of the employees which are brilliant。 The two children performed " Calorie" is very lovely。 Drum Kit "98K" 's rhythm is very well, even though the cute drummer is very young, the action is very professional。 The song " Ordinary road " and guitar combined perfectly。 Jazz dance is lovely and vigour。






Which program is the most expectant? That's Douyin dance " Wait a thousand years+ Flower escort+Very High", especially inviting Marketing Dept。 Mr。 Li Kebao, directed by Ms。 Xie, funny action and the full rhythm of the performance attracted the audience's cheers。


We also had very interesting games. The children of the employees joined in the games with full enthusiasm.



Of course, the most exciting part of the annual meeting is the lottery, which pushes the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax。


The annual meeting was successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere. Looking back on 2018, we will work together, strive hard and harvest together. Looking forward to 2019, we work with the same target, full of confidence and look forward to a more brilliant tomorrow.


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