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Resplendence in 10 years, thank for you all

Time: 2017-12-01

  Resplendence in 10 years, thank for you all

  - The 10th anniversary of Dayu Hanguang held ceremoniously

How Time flies, a decade is only one moment in history, but it is so spectacular. Ten years have left us the precious treasure. Ten years have left us with heavy responsibilities. Ten years, witnessed yesterday's comb wind shower; Ten years, guard the bright future of tomorrow.

On Oct. 27th,2017, Hubei Dayu Hanguang Vacuum Electric Ltd.("Dayu Hanguang") decorated by flowers, colorful ball high hanging, we welcomed the 10th anniversary of our company. At 10:30 in the morning, the 10th anniversary celebration was held in Xiaogan Yuji Hotel, all leaders, partners, suppliers representatives, Dayu electrical leaders and all staffs get together to witness the historic moment.

Guests check-in at the site

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At 10:30,the celebration of the 10th anniversary is officially kicked off with the excitement of the last 10 seconds. The whole celebration revolves around: looking back, based on the present, looking forward to the future three topics ceremoniously held.


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Firstly, the chairman of the board Mr Zhang Guoxiang gives us a speech, in his speech Mr Zhang reviews the past, based on the startup of the ten years, looking to the future prospect, thanks to the correct leadership of the government departments at all levels, partner support and all the staff of hard work.


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President Mr Zhu Xinzhou gives us a speech too, warmly welcome all guests respectfully.



We prepare variety of performances for the ceremony, with the opening dance "the Electric Light Dance", we felt the hard journey of Dayu Hanguang in the early days of the start-up in the dark.


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Production Dept。, Administration Dept。 and Finance Dept。 performed the yoga "Three lives ten miles peach blossom" touched all the audience, the yoga movements are very difficult, we are amazed at the four beautiful women who are not amateurs, much more like the professional yoga instructor。 Drew applause!



Accompanied with the euphemistic melody and graceful steps, "Cheongsam Show" performed by 12 employees of the workshop, as if have brought us to the quaint southeast Jiangnan town.


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Performed by the employee of workshop Mr Dai Taolin and Finance Dept。" How lucky we are" expresses the stuff's mood, we are lucky to be one of the Dayu Hanguang, and developing with Dayu Hanguang。


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The wonderful jazz dance is dynamic and youthful。 The applause is constant, the show is wonderful !



The magic show means from nothing to the blooming flowers, the future of Dayu Hanguang is prosperous and bright.


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The belly dance performed by the Administration Dept. has become the most popular dance of the whole performance. The flaunting of the golden wings, the rhythm feels like the rain of inspiration, demonstrated the professional belly dance level. The atmosphere is warm!


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The wonderful performance drew the constant applause! One minute on the stage is coming out from the ten years of work. Thanks for the hard rehearse for the show.

Ten years of achievement is from the hard work of your employees, we go into the exciting awards section, we award prizes for the outstanding employees. The members of the board of directors award prizes for the employees who have been in the company for more than 10 years; The chairman of the board Mr. Zhang Guoxiang and Mr. Wang Yanjie award prizes for the model workers. The president Mr. Zhu Xinzhou awards prizes for the annual sales champion.

The suppliers also contribute to our ten years achievements, president Mr Zhu Xinzhou and vice president Mr Xiang Wangqing award prizes for the excellent suppliers.


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The excitement section is no more than the lottery. we have prepared the first, second and third prizes for all the audiences.


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Dayu investment company chairman Mr Wang Yanjie is very pleasant, feeling quite a lot, in order to express his feeling of joy and share with everyone, he volunteers to extract four lucky first prizes again and pay the prizes by himself. The atmosphere is warm again.



At last, with the sign language show "Loving each other in the family", the Chairman Mr Zhang Guoxiang, President Mr Zhu Xinzhou, Dayu investment Chairman Mr Wang Yanjie, vice president Mr WangWei, Technical Director Mr Luo Xianggen, the chairman Mr Zhou and Vice president Mr Xiang Wangqing toast to each guest and employee with the full wines, filled with full regards, blessing Dayu Hanguang a better future.


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Dayu Hanguang insists on the enterprise culture core values of "Harmonious converges forces, the faith wins market, responsibility achieves future" in the 10 years development, insists on "people-oriented, integrity management" to create the harmonious Dayu Hanguang, sharing development outcomes, carrying out the construction of enterprise culture idea into the reform and practice, constantly improve our business management idea. Exercising the spirit of enterprise by overcoming difficulties, to establish the system for the contributes to works, set up Dayu Hanguang image, integrity-based, customer first, make continuous innovation, produce the famous brand.

Dayu Hanguang will continue insisting on development, create another brilliant resplendence!

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