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Hubei Dayu Hanguang Vacuum Electric Co., LTD. 2016 Annual Meeting

Time: 2018-12-12

  Say goodbye to memorable 2016, we celebrate to greet the new year 2017.

  Hubei Dayu Hanguang Vacuum Electric Co., LTD. 2016 company annual meeting was held in Xiaogan Hongbo Hotel international conference hall in the 1st floor On January 22, 2017.

  Congress began at the wonderful and faithful speaking of the general manager Mr Zhu Xin Zhou; Then the Chairman Mr Zhang Guo Xiang summarized the whole year development fairly and objective, and put forward the development plan of 2017. The congress also invited high-class leaders of our parent company Dayu Electric. Outstanding employees of 2016 were honored and praised in the congress.

  Employees acted many wonderful programs , exciting lucky draws made the party hot。 The dance "Shanghai Night" brought the party a wonderful beginning; Two female colleagues soulful sang "Girl's Love", the dance "What's up? Dad!" made the party highly over all; Games played by staffs were bustling inserted in the programs; 3 luck draws 31 awards boosted scene atmosphere to a climax, the ultimate prize eventually fell in Finance Department Wang Hua。 All staffs raised their glasses to congratulate the New Year in the new year's evening dinner, wish tomorrow will be better。

  The celebration ended in the atmosphere of harmony, warmth, passion, joy, showing our employees full of vitality, positive, unity and enterprising spirit。

  Look back to whole year 2016, we worked together to struggle and got common harvest.

  Look forward to 2017, we are working forward to the same target with full confidence, hope we will get better prosperity in 2017。





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