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We held staff funny sports meet on Nov,11th,2016

Time: 2018-12-12

  We held staff funny sports meet on the same date of global shopping festival on Nov,11th,2016. There are two games: throwing badmintons and two people leapfrog. The meet attracted all staffs joining in, we got much pleasant from the games, relaxed the tense mood, and improved the staff cohesive force and friendship.


  The sports meet results: the throwing badminton: the first place: Shen Li; the second place: Zhu Na; the third place: Liu Li。 Two people leapfrog: the first place: Liu Hong Min, Zheng Yan Hong; the second place: Wang Wen, Hu Xin Gang; the third place: Lin Gui Yun, Yang Bing Ling。

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