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Ministry radical developing smart grid and uhv

Time: 2015-07-06

For green energy equipment industry, the ministry has clear three points of the first call to vigorously develop the smart grid and uhv.

On March 26, Mr. Su, vice-minister of ministry in China electricity council sponsored \"2011 economic situation and the analysis and prediction of electric power development\", said to develop new energy equipment industry, and related support of energy equipment manufacturing technology and equipment, speed up promote the development of green low carbon energy equipment. He especially pointed out that to realize the green energy equipment development, one is to develop the high-efficiency clean coal power generation equipment; The second is the development into the transmission technology and equipment, first developing uhv; Three is the smart grid development.

The personage inside course of study thinks, this is the first time the ministry official in public is to develop the smart grid and extreme pressure.

In terms of developing new energy equipment industry, Mr. Su said that the current the most important is to speed up the development of advanced technology, clean and safe, economic and reasonable new energy equipment, such as: research and development with independent intellectual property rights of solar cells and heat utilization equipment, as well as the megawatt solar power inverter, the control system; Master with completely independent intellectual property rights of large megawatt wind turbine engine and key parts design and manufacturing technology.

Mention of nuclear power development, Mr。 Su said, should with advanced nuclear power program, driving the development of nuclear power equipment and services, to speed up the implementation of large forgings, pressure vessel, DCS control system, and independent production of nuclear power pump valve and other key equipment。

And promote the development of green low carbon energy equipment in aspects, Mr. Su thinks that one is to develop the high-efficiency clean coal power generation equipment. Second is to develop advanced transmission technology and equipment. \"To develop the ultra high pressure such as large capacity, high efficiency, advanced technology and equipment, reduce the mass, cross-regional transmission line loss.\" Three is the smart grid development. Smart grid can be effectively compatible with intermittent new energy sources such as wind power and solar energy, to strengthen the cohesion power demand side and supply side, improve the efficiency of power transmission and distribution.

Mr。 Su stressed that must strengthen the construction of the smart grid standards system, promote high-power energy storage, such as flexible transmission smart grid research and production of key equipment。 At the same time, also to develop other new energy equipment, such as advanced station of natural gas transmission pipeline key technology and equipment, new oil and gas exploration and mining equipment, comprehensive utilization of coal and other coal energy equipment。

Also, to vigorously develop energy equipment manufacturing related support technology and equipment. Solar photovoltaic (pv), for example, Mr. Su said, at present, the solar photovoltaic battery production in our country has the highest in the world, but the silk screen printing machine, high temperature sintering furnace and other key equipment still mainly rely on imports, greatly increased the investment of solar photovoltaic cells and the production cost. This is an urgent need to accelerate energy equipment manufacturing equipment research and development and industrialization, the basis of practical high industry self-development capacity.

Source: Shanghai securities news

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